Tonino Baliardo is the founder and leader of Gipsy Kings, but above all he is a guitar virtuoso and a composer recognized worldwide. He composed and produced the greatest hits of the group such as “Bamboleo” or “Djobi Djoba”.

Antoine “Tonino” Baliardo is a French guitarist of Spanish Gitano descent. He is the lead guitarist for Gipsy Kings, a New Flamenco group from France that has sold more than 18 million albums worldwide. He was born in Montpellier. He is the nephew of guitarist Manitas de Plata.

He’s displayed lightning-fast lead work; many guitarists who’ve heard him are amazed to learn he doesn’t use a pick, but finger-picks everything, as do all Gipsy Kings, and flamenco players in general. His compositions and playing reveal soulful Spanish flamenco roots coupled with a knack for appealing melodies and pop-style chord changes that were rarely heard in popular music before the group began recording.